Friday, January 30, 2009

Made for kids?

Today I had a new little boy in my class and with him he brought two Transformer toys. One of them was Optimus Prime and I wasn't familiar with the other. The other boys had a blast playing with these toys but it didn't take them long to figure out that they couldn't transform them back to what they wanted. So of course I hear a "Teacher...I mean, Miss Camille..." So I took on the challenge of trying to figure out how to the transform Optimus and man, took at least ten minutes. But I did figure it out! I was able to go from this-
To this-And good heavens, I don't know if these toys are really made for least not five and six-year-old children. I got pretty good at figuring out how to transfer him because they were asking so much. Fun toy to transform though. The little boy who brought the toys said that he would bring the instructions next time. I thought it was a pretty good idea.


Holly said...

Your kids are so funny! Makes me laugh every time...