Friday, January 9, 2009

Less words and more pics

Okay so apparently I wrote too much about that week of our Chrismas vacation because I really doubt anyone read the novel. So to finish up the remainder of the Christmas break I'll use key phrases and lots of pictures, because let's face it, anyone can look at a whole page of pictures. So here I go, the second week of the Christmas break we went to Eagle Mountain and spent the week with Travis' wonderful family. We stayed at Travis' brother's, Clint, house. Clint and his family are so gracious. Not only did we occupy their basement for a whole week but we also go visit them on weekends to eat their food and play with their kids! So thanks again Clint, Danielle', Avary, Atkin, and Baby Dimond! :) Travis's parents and sister and hubby, Trisha and Andrew flew in from Minnesota just to be with us so we had to take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with them.

Played lots of games, this one here is Bananagrams, I used all of the tiles all on my own (and yes, I cheated :) but only a little).

Did lots of puzzles (pretty sure Travis did this puzzle with Atkin 3/4 times in that one sitting-such a sport).

Played with Boggie
Played the Konga Drums (thank you again Ray for letting us borrow them), it's like guitar hero only instead of with a guitar it's with Konga Drums. Avary and Atkin had a ball playing with them.... Accept when they got bored.Jamie had a birthday
Trav and I had the golden opporutnity to go sledding with Clint and his family. It as so much fun to get outside and play with everyone. Not so much fun climbing up with hill...but so much fun going down with Avary and Atkin.
Trav and his family went to temple square-Atkin, Avary, Danielle', and Clint
Jamie with Travis' parentsAndrew and Trisha

We took a drive up to Alta through the canyon just because we knew it was going to be beautiful (and it was)

Andrew, Trav, and Dad
And we ate...a lot.I hope this post was a little more bareable for everyone and you could get to the end of it without feeling like you just read a text book for some boring teacher in your underwater basket weaving class!
Thanks again to Danielle' and Clint for letting us spend such a long time at your house, letting us eat all of your food, and sharing your kids with us! We love hanging out at your house.


Huntsman Hotties said...

I have to be honest and say that I did not read it all. I do however enjoy the many pictures you include in many, if not all, your lengthy posts. ;) Thanks for keeping us informed on the adventures of The Amazing Dimonds!!

The Littlefields said...

I read all of your previous post, but just didn't have time to comment (mainly cause your post was so long. :) Just kidding. I liked it)
I am SO jealous that you got a Cricut for Christmas. Let me know how you like it.

Nella said...

we LOVE having you guys! We LOVE sharing our kids! Ok, maybe I shouldn't have put that last one in bold. :) But we love having them play with their Aunt and Uncle. Anytime!