Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plan B's are never as much fun as plan A's

This morning I was planning on uploading pictures that I would have taken last night of my growing belly because not only have I hit another week (week 28) but I am also in my third trimester! Woot! Woot! However when I went to my purse last night to grab my camera it wasn't there. I stood in shock thinking where it could be. Danielle's, my sister-in-laws. Between bringing food and stuff for Maestro I always seem to leave at least one thing at her house. Last time it was his leash (which was probably just as problematic as the camera) and this time it was my camera. I remember exactly where I left it and why I didn't even think to grab it before we left. *sigh* Major bummer. So I have no pictures of my growing belly. :( Sad day. Lucky for me we go to Danielle's house often and so with some luck I should be getting my hands on the camera tomorrow. In which case we'll take pictures of the belly and pretend they're from yesterday. Until then-here's a fun and random pic to hold you over-


Nella said...

W-ha-ha-ha! You'd better bring ransom!