Friday, July 10, 2009


Okay so I didn't win that totally awesome give away by Liz Kartchner but she totally included my picture in her collage of pictures on her blog. How cool is that?! She checked out my blog and she even commented on it! So cool. So even though I didn't win I thought it was pretty cool to see my pic on her blog. You should check it out- Second row down and second picture in. So cool. Okay, I'm done.
I noticed on our "baby Dimond" ticker that tomorrow I only have 100 more days to go! How awesome is that? I feel like my belly is getting pretty big and more people are being brave about asking me if I'm pregnant. Some times I can catch people looking at my belly when they first meet me, which is funny. This week I have finally started to experience what I hear other women have been experiencing long before me. For some reason I seem to be a couple weeks behind the norm (which for me-is actually normal). I have had lower back pain this week and man, it kills! If I don't put any weight or pressure on my right foot than it doesn't hurt as bad but it kills to stand up and bend over too far. My belly has also been really itchy a lot this week as well. Some times I don't realize that I'm scratching until Travis says something or I look down at my belly and I notice I'm scratching it. It's totally weird to have my skin itch because it's stretching. Oh! One more, I think the baby had hiccups last night. I'm not totally sure cuz honestly, how do you know what that feels like and describe it so someone understands when it happens? But there was pretty consistent "kicking" and he's not usually like that so I'm guessing it was hiccups. Luckily Travis was right there to put his hand on my belly and experience it too. It was so much fun! I've loving being pregnant but am finally starting to get why it is so uncomfortable at night...and during the summer-so hot! I'm beginning to feel like a normal pregnant woman these days. :) ...minus the gaining weight part...I go to the Dr.'s on Tuesday so we'll see what the scale says. Wish me luck! Travis and I are headed camping this weekend with his brother and his family. We're so excited!! Have a good weekend everyone! -camille
PS-I figured since I talked so much about being pregnant that I'd add my most recent belly pic. Now is it just me or does it look like I swallowed a volleyball or something?? I can't believe that's what I look like from the side. Looks like I have a ball stuck in my shirt. Too funny.


Nat and Charles said...

Those probably were hiccups! That's the best! You look so dang cute and it's so fun to see your belly grow! :)