Friday, July 17, 2009

How I know he's happy-

I am constantly wondering what Maestro thinks on a daily basis. I am always wondering what is going through his head when he stares out the sliding door for twenty minutes, what he thinks about when hanging his head out the window, and what he's thinking when he stares at me and then tilts his head to the side. And is it a sign of a certain emotion when he has one ear standing straight up and the other is flopped down? What is he thinking when we don't share our food and when we're sleeping and he isn't a bit tired but lays on the bed with us anyway? I wish I could read his mind and understand what he is thinking. But despite my not knowing what he's thinking, I do think he's happy. There are signs that he does give me that I do understand to help reassure me that my pet is a happy. One is how he sits-so comfortably-In this picture above you can see how he sits. He sits on his bum but then leans back and arches his back a bit. Every time we look at him sitting like this we both laugh because it is so funny and so adorable. It makes him look like a fat, lazy pet but I know it's because he's so comfortable here and loves us. :)
This next picture is a good example of the one ear up and the other one down that I mentioned. If you stare at him long enough he'll eventually let that second ear flop down with the first and then carry on his business. It's so cute though, I love his ears.And lastly, I know he's a happy pup because he smiles. Now it doesn't just happen, you have to be playing with him to get his lips to move in this position but regardless, it is still hilarious. Yesterday I played with him with the camera and took a couple hundred pictures to try to get a picture of this and wouldn't you know lucky me got a couple! I am in love with them-So first you have to play with him and if you notice in this picture the left side of his lip there is up-

And then when he finally takes a break from playing he'll look right up at you and this is what you will see-Or it might look like this-Either way I'm in love with and it makes me laugh every single time. So despite the fact that I can't read Maestro's intelligent little brain, he still shoots me signals that lets me know that I'm doing alright with him and that he's one happy pup. Love you Maestro!


Jer and Jules said...

He is SO SO cute! I often wonder what dogs (and cats) are thinking too when they stare off for however long, they can be so mysterious like that!

Bridggi5 said...

He really is the most adorable thing! LOVE those eyes

Bradleys said...

So, we love that you love your dog! Because, we love our dog too! And I am always wondering what she is thinking. Also, we went private on our blog, in case you ever wanted to see you, send us your email to We are expecting a baby boy too, November 24th!