Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cason eats solids

Last weekend we started Cason on some rice cereal! I can't believe he's old enough for this! You know at five months I knew that it was coming but so fearful of actually having to become a parent that I put it off, does that make me a bad parent? Then all last week I kept seeing the signs that he was ready for solids and by the weekend I couldn't ignore them. So I bought him a chair, spoons, and some rice cereal. Saturday morning I put him in his chair and oh man, he looked so cute. I put on his bib and gave him his spoon to play around with while his milk was warming up.

He watched me while I got everything ready and every time I looked over at him across from the table my heart just melted. Again, I can't believe he's old enough for this-
It went really well. There was some gagging, some spit up, and a lot of confused facial expresssions but I think overall he liked it.

Four days later he's eating it great! He attempts to chew, doesn't gag, and follows the spoon with every bite.

I tried to add the video of his first time eating solids but it wasn't working-of course. I'll have to try tomorrow.
Happy solid eating!


Forrest and Rebecca said...

Sooooooo cute!! I can't wait to give him cookies :)

Nella said...

Whoo! He's a natural eater...no further comment about the Dimond genes necessary. :)

Missy and Andy said...

Soooo darling! We just started Kaitlyn on rice cereal the other day because her reflux is sooo bad that we wanted to see how she would do with solids. Its so much fun but so sad how fast they grow! She is still gagging a little at first and will give me this look like...what the heck and then she will start eating it.