Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need to start taking BEFORE pictures

Every night I put Cason down the same way. I lay him down on his blanket with his head the same way every night, on my left, wrap him up in his blanket, and give him his pacifier (he's always parallel with his crib). The tail end of the blanket I flip up onto his body. I do it the same way every night. Well for the past five or so days he's slept through the whole night...or should I just say I haven't needed to go in at all to make any adjustments. And I think that's given him plenty of time to move around all on his own because for the past three mornings I have found him in different sleeping arrangements-

Tuesday morning-now horizontally. When I came in he was sucking on his blanket and laying on his pacifier
Wednesday morning-he is now laying with his head on the right and not on the left...but still wrapped. How on earth does this happen??
Thursday morning (this morning)-horizonal again and sucking on his blanket...again.
How on earth does he get in these different positions? Would anyone like to stay up all night and watch how my baby moves in the middle of the night for me? Maybe I should invest in a video camera with long battery power? Or probably just keep taking pictures and laughing about it...although maybe I should start taking pictures of him when I put him down for some before shots!


The Littlefields said...

It's a mystery!! That is so cute! I love how happy he is, what a doll.

Jenny said...

My heck! He is getting so big! I feel like he was only born a month ago... time flies! You two sure know how to make a cute baby! Hee hee!