Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello March!

I just love this sweet face! And I definitely can't get enough of these chubby cheeks! I am so in love!Cason has been working on sitting up all by himself. I often put him in between my legs that way I can help support him. Well last week I got brave and tried to let Cason sit all by himself- He did pretty good but then he started to lean forward and he caught himself right before he'd fall flat on his face and he always tries so hard to pull himself back up. He can get just far enough up to not topple over but it doesn't last too long before his little muslces give in.Can you tell he's ready for a nap? He gets so mellow at this point and I can't even get a little smile out of the guy. He sure is cute though. And I once again...cannot get enough of these cheeks! I am just so in love with them!
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss, we'll be reading some of his books today in his memory.


Jer and Jules said...

He's getting so big! And I just love those cheeks too, they're so cute I just wanna squeeze them!

Mackenzie said...

He is so dang cute, and such a little chunky monkey!

Holly or Joe said...

I wanna squish his little cheeks! What a cute little/chubby guy. He's entering a REALLY fun stage! One of my favorite stages! You'll have a lot of fun.

ANd I love that picute of him looking at the camera like - "Yeah? Wha-choo want?" He's very cute.