Monday, March 22, 2010

Cason's First Vacation

About a month ago Travis and I made plans to go to St. George so we could see Travis' brother bless his baby boy. When I told Travis that this would Cason's first vacation he replied with "Ooo, we better take lots of pictures." Which is exactly what I did. Last weekend we headed to St. George and we had a blast!

Even though we were stuck in the car for a couple hours than we would have liked, Cason did great! He played, he slept, we stopped to eat, and I'm pretty sure he loved us just a tiny bit more than he did before when we finally took him out of his car seat.
When getting him ready for bed I couldn't wait to prop him up with all the fluffy pillows and just let him play. And of course I couldn't resist taking a couple shots of all the fun he was having.

So cute!
Saturday morning we all went swimming! Which was also another first for Cason.
He didn't seem to love it...or hate it. He would float around and just look around at everyone. He'd splash his hands in the water, suck his thumb, and give us tiny smiles.
HE sure did look cute in his little suit!
We all had a good time (From left to right: Avary, Danielle', Atkin, Travis, and Cason)
Making faces
These two make our family get togethers so much more fun! Travis and I don't know what we'd do without them!
And this little guy. Love his suit! After Cason was done swimming he took a turn in the floaty and just bobbed around the pool. So cute!
Thanks to Oma I was able to get in the pool while she held onto Cason so he could take a morning snooze. How much is an adorable little at like this worth? I couldn't believe how adorable Cason looked in this little hat! Unfortunately I didn't think it was worth the price so I'm looking forward to looking around for one this summer for him to wear.
Sunday, the day we were leaving, was beautiful! We had to get Cason by the palms!
And the blessing, it went great. From left to right: Me with Cason, Shawni with Kayden (the baby that was blessed), Jamie, Avary, Danielle' with Easton, and Mom.
The drive home was l o n g ! But we made it and I'm pretty sure Cason was grateful. The weekend wore him out of trying so hard to stay on schedule but still have fun.

Thanks to Kayden, Trevor, and Shawni, for giving us an excuse to head down to south and for giving Cason his first vacation! :)


Jake and Heidi said...

You are such a cute mom. Cason is so cute and you can tell he is very loved!

Missy and Andy said...

Such cute pictures! Looks like you had a blast on your first official family vacation! :)

Little Cayson is too too cute!

Nick and Jen said...

So I need to start leaving comments when I look at your blog! :) Love the pictures of your vacation! Especially the ones of him on the bed! He seriously has one of the cutest smiles!!

Lynea said...

What GREAT pictures. It helped me to relive our mini vacation. Let's do it again!!!!! Cason can't help but be soooo adorable - he has a loving and adorable mom & dad!! I just looooove the blog. Thanks for sharing Cason's little experiences with life. I'm a proud oma. love ya.