Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back in the habit

Last month I was so busy with Cason's birthday and working on Christmas stocking (pictures to come some day) that I haven't been scrapbooking. His birthday is long gone and this week I finished his Christmas stocking. So as I put Cason down for his nap I looked around and wondered what I could do. Then I looked at all my scrapbooking stuff and went to it. I spent a lot of time reorganizing and figuring out where I was. But I gotta tell you, I had a lot of fun making this page! I was really pleased with how cute it turned out.This past week has been so beautiful in Orem! I'm dreading the snow and being stuck inside all day so we've been spending every waking moment outside playing.Last week we went to Hee Haw Farms in American Fork with Travis' sister and son and had a lot of fun. They had a petting zoo that of course Cason just loved. He has no fear and just animals-We went for a little ride-They had a trick-or-treat hay ride where Cason scored a lot of tootsie rolls. The wrappers didn't seem to bother him at all either-This is a cute shot I got in their mini maze that Cason kept cheating on and getting on top of the hay stacks-Farmer CasonCan you even believe I got this awesome shot! So cute! It works to tickle your children and then put the camera up for a quick shot.
We had a lot of fun and I am definitely praying that the sunshine stays around for as long as possible!


Cilka said...

We went there! It's such a cute little place! Pray for more sunny days around here! :)

Missy said...

I love the scrapbook pages you made! So cute! That place looks fun! A friend and I were going to go one day but it started raining! I guess we will have to go next year!