Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cleaning up the memory card

Kinda funny how I can blog three times one week and then not at all the next week. Today I decided to do a quick post because 1-I feel like it's been awhile and 2-because I needed to clean up the memory card before we head out on our Thanksgiving vacation. We're going to Arizona to visit Travis' parents and both of his brothers and their families will be joining us. I am anticipating taking lots of pictures. So now my memory card is all cleaned up and ready for lots of new pictures. So here's what we've been up to the past couple of days-
Despite the cold Cason has been wanting to go play outside and last week I saw sunshine and decided to grin and bare the cold chill that I kept getting. It wasn't too bad and Cason sure did have a good time-He goes down the slide on his belly all on his own. He face plants it into the sand every time but still does it over and over again-Cason usually pushes this little toy all over the apartment but I was pretty surprised the other day when I actually saw him lift his leg and sit on it. And then begin to push it with his feet but standing up and walking. I couldn't believe it. He does it all the time now-Who said Utah never has beautiful sunsets?Cason and I enjoyed it-Like I said, he loves it-now if only it were nice enough to ride around outside.Me sporting my new glasses. I had meant to do one with both me and Trav (he got new ones too) by doing a before and after picture but I just haven't gotten around to it. Stay tuned (and hopefully I'll get to it). But what do you think? Some days I love them and other days I'm not quite sure-Cason sporting his new winter hat (sorry about the blur, the kid just doesn't stop moving). So adorable!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Merrill Clan said...

I love the new glasses!!! I am loving the pic of Cason coming down the slide.

Nick and Jen said...

The picture of Cason on his car thing in the house...the first one that is...he looks SO grown up in that picture!! He is such a cutie. I feel like saying that on every comment, because that is what I always think! :) I love the glasses! Hope you are having a blast in Arizona!