Monday, November 8, 2010

(Un)Happy Halloween!

That's right, I'm finally getting around to posting Halloween pictures. My sister helped me try to get a super cute picture of Cason and I finally got back our attempts. Although it didn't go as well as hoped (meaning we didn't get that "cute" shot) it sure is a fun memory.

It started off pretty normal with Cason chasing around every toy and getting fixated on a lawn mower. When I tried to get him to focus on me and sit down the tears started. Our first attempt-It mostly went down hill from there. We tried other toys and then I saw my sister's bucket of andy and that was a pretty big hit. He picked out all of these little boxes and started hoarding them-(notice the tear-filled eyes there)TThen would get happy again and smile. Unforunately he would never stop moving so most of the pictures has something blurry in it. But at least in this one he's smiling, right? So he's totally happy and then...I'm not sure really. Maybe he remembered that we were trying to still get that super cute shot? And freaks out? I'm not really sure. But he went to super happy, to super sad-After a couple more attempts we gave up. Super cute shot? Not really. Fun memory? Definitely. It'll be something fun to laugh out when he's older. Here's us with my sister and her son, Carter the Spider.Here's a poorly-lit full body shot of Cason the Monkey.And lastly, here's the super cute scrapbook page I did today-

Adorable right? It definitely helps to have cute pictures. This was Cason's first smile on camera. I remember it like it was yesterday.


Jer and Jules said...

What a cute monkey! Probably fits his personality right now, getting into things and being mischevious, right? Those sad face pictures just melt your little heart, poor kid!

forrestandrebeccaadopt said...

That owl scrapbook page is one of my favorites! I seem some copying of your pages in my near future!