Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Last night as I was taking down all the Christmas decorations I reminded myself that I still needed to blog about Christmas. What a wonderful season. Cason made this Christmas for us this year. It was all about him and he did not disappoint (ps-sorry if there are too many pictures here, I had a really hard time deciding between the dozens and dozens that I took that day).
Christmas morning, don't we look great right out of bed? Yikes! Note to self: next year comb hair!Once we got a section of a gift started for him Cason would pull and shake the gift until it eventually opened. It took awhile but we were all patient-Trav got a remote control helicopterCason played with each toy he got a little before he opened another one. It was so cute-He would hand me the gift once he opened it to have me get it out of the box for him, he was so patient. Then he would play, play, play. This is a lap top that he got that was probably his favorite-At Grandma and Grandpa's house these two played so good together! Although it does help to have two cars-This little ar toy was a big hit. Here Cason is making his car noise-Playing with Papa and trying to find his car-He got in on a couple of the "grown-up" games-These two love the piano!And Grandma's storage room. I don't think she'll be able to find anything when she needs something-Playing with Papa, he was giggling and giggling! It was so adorable-
We hope everyone had a great Christmas and have plans for the New Year!


TheTerry's said...

so sweet. those early christmas's are so great. it gets better with each year!