Monday, December 13, 2010

Decking Our Halls

We put our tree up awhile ago but I finally got around to taking pictures of our quaint little apartment and I thought I'd share. First some pictures of the decorating and putting up of the tree-
Cason was a big help, mostly with the beads- We had a little introductory with the lights-So adorable!He still comes around the corner and checks out the lights with a "Ooo..."The final product. One day we'll have a nice big tree until then we're grateful for this little guy-
I made this a couple years ago but every year I look forward to taking it out of the bubble wrap-Our stocking our hung with care, thanks to my Mom. She made me the one in the middle when I was young and one for Travis when we got married. Last year I gave them back to her and restitched 'Mom' and 'Dad' for us and I made the one for Cason. Can you believe it? I made it! It turned out so great. I can't wait to stuff it for Christmas morning and have him go through it-I guess everything in our apartment is on a small scale-I made this pillow a couple years ago. Cason loves carrying it around with him and laying on it.12 day left!! I'm gettin' pretty excited.A Christmas picture from last year. I stared at it for ten minutes before I put it down. Missin' you Maestro.
This is where all of our Christmas cards are beginning to gather. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail!
Merry Christmas!
ps-Can you believe this is my 200th blog post?