Monday, December 20, 2010

First time in the snow

The last time it snowed I was dreading getting Cason all bundled up to take him out in the snow and so I didn't...then I felt guilty cuz it didn't snow for weeks after that. So this morning when I woke up to snowfall I knew I would have to take him out. When Cason first saw it, he was pretty excited as well (he must known that he was going to get to out and play in it)-So after lunch I put on all of his stuff and oh man...words just can't quite explain it. You really do have to see it for yourself (this will give you a good laugh)-What movie does this remind you of? So funny! I laughed for a good five minutes. There was only a few moments were I could actually let him go to snap a couple of pictures because he kept falling over and really, could not get up on his own.We had fun though.
Over the weekend we had three family Christmas parties! The first one had a pinata which Cason was really enjoying until he hit himself in the face with the stick (luckily Papa was prepared and soothed the tears with a tootsie pop)-The last party had another pinata and this time was ready-He actually got a couple of good hits in-He was pretty happy with the end results-Pretty sure tootsie rolls are his favorite. Once I opened one for him he headed for the the couch to relax and enjoy-

So adorable. Merry Christmas!