Monday, February 21, 2011

You can't help but to laugh

These pictures crack me up!!
As you can see this is Cason, crying...a lot. And it's not because his mouth hurts so much that it makes him cry because he is getting his very first molar but because he's heart broken!

Heart broken that I'm not sharing
The broom-
Every time I get out the broom to sweep he follows me and follows just waiting to give it up. By the time I've moved onto the third area to sweep he throws a fit that I'm not letting him have a turn. I try to explain but it's useless. So I ignore him until I'm completely done and then hand it over-
Then he goes back to the first spot I swept and re-sweeps for me. It's pretty funny-
ps-you have to watch this video till the very end because he says 'B-Bye' and it is so adorable that it will most likely melt your heart!


Rebecca said... child labor. Now on to the vacuum!!

Jamielyn Dimond said...

He is so darn cute!!!

Jake and Heidi said...

they sell tiny brooms in the toy isles at smith's i think. or whole cleaning sets at toys r us. my kids loved helping me at that age. in fact abbie loves to sweep now!

Missy said...

Adorable! Kaitlyn has to be right by my side helpign me clean too! It's funny!

Maples Family!! said...

YOU RIGHT! I did laugh! It was just so cute and I love that fact that you take pictures of him throwing the fits! I should do that more with my kids! SUPER CUTE LOVE IT!

TheTerry's said...

Haha, I love it Camille!! Those pictures are hilarious!