Friday, February 25, 2011

why is it so difficult?

Difficult to get a cute picture of me with Cason, that is? Maybe it's because I'm the one holding the camera...maybe cuz he's only 17 months old...maybe cuz I'm that uncoordinated? Who knows. But I really wish I could get cute pictures of us together instead of ones like this-Or ones where I try to be creative and my head gets cut off-Or just doesn't turn out the way I planned it-Being more flexible though, I did manage to get a couple cute ones-This one turned out pretty cute just cuz he's always tilting his head like this-A couple other great shots for this fantastic day out in the beautiful sunshine-He climbed up to this slide all on his own-And then went down it all on his own-

We've got spring fever! How about you?


adamkristalee said...

Cason is SO cute! And I hear you on the spring fever!