Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book of a Thousand Days

Can you believe I'm reading another book (in Cancun I read The Goose Girl)? Both books are by Shannon Hale and I gotta say, I'm loving her stuff. The way she writes makes me envious! I so wish I could write like that...but at least I can read it. I am really enjoying the book I'm reading now, Book of a Thousand Days. I thought I'd share a favorite passage so far:
"But what ails her? Could it just be she's that heartsick for her love, Khan Tegus? I can't wrap my thoughts around how deep their love must be. It's too high above me. It's surely a powerful love that bids a girl brick herself away from Eternal Blue Sky for seven years. I once liked a boy named Yeke with kind eyes, but I wouldn't give up the sun for him. Her khan must be such a man from legend, a man formed from Evela, goddess of sunlight. Perhaps if I looked at him, I'd have to squint. I'll ask me lady."
Love it!!


Spicy Applesauce said...
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TheTerry's said...

I love Shannon Hale! Goose Girl is my favorite, but Austenland is also good. Let me know if you wanna borrow it when you're done with Thousand Days.

Missy and Jake said...

Ok so i am not a big reader but when i do read a book either i put it down within like 2 minutes and never touch it again or i am hooked and done with it in like a week. Do her books get you hooked fast?

Camille said...

Done and finished! Aboslutely loved this book. And yeah Missy I would say that I get hooked to Shannon Hale's books fast. The way she writes is just so beautiful and poetic, I love it.