Sunday, February 6, 2011

What would you do?

So I'm not quite sure what to do with Cason's schedule these days and I need some help! So I thought I'd open it up and see if I can get some suggestions-
Cason is almost 16 months old now and is still taking two naps! I hate to complain about two naps because they are wonderful! But I'm thinking I should really cut it down to two, however, he loves his morning nap and not so fond of the afternoon nap. So question is, should I cut it down to one nap and just let him get used to the one nap or should I continue the morning nap and afternoon and just wait it out a bit longer until he phases the morning nap out on his own? Decisions, decisions. *sigh*
Anyway, please comment with your thoughts and suggestions and help me decide what to do!
Confuzzled Mom
ps-you rock! :)


Dawn said...

Camille - I just went through the same exact thing with Brent. I got rid of the afternoon nap and let him keep his morning nap. For him, he slept much better and deeper at night and woke up a little earlier, allowing the morning nap to not be as big as a problem as I thought it would be. As for the other four, I think that the afternoon nap went first for all of them as well! Hope this helps a little!

Jake and Heidi said...

you just need to find what is right for you and cason. My kids all fazed out of the morning nap and just take the 1-4 nap. I to this day still have "quiet time" for that time of the day because Charlie is only one and I need him on the schedule. Though his is all over the place sometimes because I have car pool. As long as Cason is rested, Happy and not waking you up at crazy hours of the night he is doing great! He is SOOOO cute!

TheTerry's said...

I think it totally depends on the kid. You can do that all natural parenting where you let him phase out when he's ready, or you can take more of a structured approach and have him work around what is best for you. Just do what you feel is best for your family. I tend towards more of the natural parenting with naps and have just watched for the signs that my kids were ready to go down to one nap. Liam just gave his up, and now naps from 11am-2pm everyday. I could tell he was ready when he started really fighting me at afternoon nap, and would just roll around in there and play. He really only gives up one hour of sleep because he went from 2 two hour naps, to 1 three hour nap. Good luck :)

Missy said...

From what I have found with Kaitlyn and what I have read in different articles and books, they basically say they will let you know when they are ready to move from 2 naps to one. Kaitlyn did this. She would take a good morning nap and then refuse her afternoon nap. I was so glad when she moved to one nap cause I was able to move her bed time earlier. She used to take a pretty late afternoon nap which made it impossible to get her to bed before 9 or 10 sometimes even. Now I am enjoying having her in bed at 8 at night everynight! But like everyone is saying, every kid is different. One thing I have done with experimenting with sleep patterns is making a chart so I can chart out to find out what time is a good time for her to go down and when she sleeps the best. Its a pain but thats what I have found that has been good with her.

Nick and Jen said...

I totally agree with what everyone is saying. For me, I have to say the afternoon nap would probably go first and then, like others said, bedtime can be earlier. Depending on when you have the morning nap, it could even be pushed to more of a mid-day nap later. I have always put my kids to bed early. For my kids, it means they are up earlier, but for some it doesn't. Plus, I don't mind if they are up earlier. If you are feeling like one needs to go, I say try it out. You'll know!

Cilka said...

Ditto also on what people are saying. :) It was a hard transition (for me) to go from two naps to one. When Payton started fighting her second nap I just let her just have one. The problem was that she still wanted to take her nap at 9:30/10:00 in the morning. Then she would be awake the rest of the day and really cranky by the end. So I slowly started pushing it later and later until it was at a good time. First few days I tried to hold her off until 10:30, then 11:00 etc.

I am so sad though that she is fighting that one nap!!! That is a much needed time of day for me and I'm not ready to let it go!!!!

Jess said...

Good sleeping times is such an elusive thing for the young ones! With Tyson, he stopped taking his morning nap first when he was about two and then kept his afternoon nap until he was 3.5 years. He seemed to do it on his own. I still put him down for an hour "quiet time", and sometimes he still crawls into bed and naps, but not very often. (he's almost five) Good luck!

RonElaine said...

I think its easier to let them do it - they are happier, which means mom is happier. When my girls started getting ready for one nap, they wouldn't seem as tired in the morning, having slept all night. So, the afternoon nap just bumped up, closer to 12, instead of 1 or 2. Anna has been pretty consistent with a 12:30-2 nap since about 18 months. I like having a middle of the nap day since there are many days I think I need their nap more than they do.

As with all things, you'll figure it out, and it will work out great for all of you!

Camille said...

I have decided to not worry about where Cason should be and just enjoy where he is. Two naps really are wonderful, and I don't even think I'm ready to go to one yet. So thank you so much for all your comments! It was so great to see all of the support I have from such wonderful friends! Thanks again everyone!