Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catching up Day 2: Summer Fun

Cason and I are beyond grateful that summer finally made it here (we were a little worried)! Now that it's here we pack out days full of summer things like playing in the sprinklers-

Which of course Cason just loves! He has been a water baby since day 1-

Being out in the sunshine every chance we get blowing bubbles-

and playing fun games like basketball-

After a long hard decision I decided to give Cason the haircut every boy deserves in the summer, a buzz! So here's before-

Brace yourself! Here's after- Agh!! I know, right? It's so short and extreme. He really does look adorable though. I miss the spikey hair but I keep reminding myself that will it be back!

But when it is raining outside or late Cason and I still find crazy ways to entertain ourselves-

We love you summer! Thanks for not forgetting about us!


Nick and Jen said...

How fun! Love all fun things you guys are doing. Cason looks good with his haircut! :) I know what you mean though. Every time I cut the girls hair and give them bangs, I always wish I hadn't and can't wait for it to grow back!

Merrill Clan said...

Love the new look!!!! We were so sad to miss your home warming. I am sure your house has turned out so cute. We miss seeing you at the playground. We have play group every Wed from 10 - 12.