Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catching up Day 3: Hoogle Zoo

About two weeks ago Cason and I went to the zoo with my sister and her son and my mom. We had so much fun. The boys loved it! Cason's favorite part was oddly enough, the dinosuars. Right now Hoogle Zoo has dinosaur statues up all around the zoo and their hands and mouths move and they roar. While some kids cried and screamed when it roared, Cason couldn't enough of it. He'd have stick half his body through the fence to get the perfect view and then he'd just wait...and wait for it to roar. He loved it. Then he'd turn to the person next to him (whether he knew the person or not) and do his own roar- It was hilarious because he'd squat just a little bit as he held up his hands by his face and then do his own roar. It was hilarious. I have no idea where the squat was coming from but it made me laugh every time-

We aboslutely loved spending the day with Nana, Cason just adores her-

We got to ride the carousel-

I kept trying to point out my mom to Cason as we were going around and he had a hard time actually finding her. But when he did find her, he was pretty proud of himself-

My mom just eats these boys up! Pretty sure she's got the best gig of being Nana-

We rode the train which I think was another favorite for Cason-

The playground and fun random things the zoo had to offer, not so much fun-

But we all had such a good time! It was the perfect thing to get out and do on beautiful summer day!


Merrill Clan said...

What an absolute cute little boy. We love the zoo.