Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom-in-the-picture love

As I was blog stalking this morning I went from one blog to another blog to another blog and I eventually came across this and loved it so much that it had me inspired to open up my very first scrapbook made by my dear Mom (before scrapbooking even became what it is today) to find some pics of me and my mom. Now before I post these pictures let me just say I realize that taking a picture of a picture does not give you a great picture. However since Cason's asleep and the scanner is currently in his room, this was the most convient option for me. So please endure with me through the fuzz, and well...not so great pictures. So just as Mandy has made a goal to take a picture of her and each of her children each month, I am going to make the same goal. Which I am already pretty good at, thanks to taking lots of pictures. Lucky for me messing around with your camera all the time can give you some fun shots.

One thing that I am going to start doing though that I don't already do is to help spread the mom-in-the-picture love and just like Mandy said, every time I see a Mom pull out her camera I'm gonna offer to take her picture with her kids. Three cheers for Moms!


Nick and Jen said...

Great idea! I'll have to find my mom and me pictures! It was fun to see you little!