Sunday, June 27, 2010

his first haircut

Can you believe he already needed a haircut? He's just about nine months old and already had hair half way down his hair, neck, and forehead, not to mention the four inches on top of his head. I wanted to do it myself but was too nervous to do it with clippers (I thought the vibration would scare him) and not good enough with scissors so I just took him somewhere.
So here's the before-He was sure to keep his eyes on her hands with the scissors and comb-Which made it tricky for when she tried to do his ears so Trav had to hold his ear and head for her-He wasn't a fan-Look at all of that!By the end he was done with it and this was the best after picture I could get. But notice how there's no hair over his ear, hooray!


Missy and Andy said...

Haha! So cute! I love that last pic!