Sunday, June 27, 2010

playing catch up

I've got a nice chunk of time on my hands and since I need to post picturs from last weekend I thought I'd take adantage of the quiet. So last weekend we joined Travis' brother and family and sister and family up American Fork Canyon for a weekend of tents and hiking. We had such a good time. Here's a bit of a picture binge-Enjoy!
It wasn't a long drive for us since we're not far from American Fork but it sure was bright. When the sun was beaming in Cason's window for only a couple of minutes and I saw it wasn't going anywhere any time soon I knew I had to figure out something. So I came up with this-brilliant!

Swinging in the hammock
Cason and Daddy, look at that adorable!We hadn't even gotten to the hike spot yet and these two were already taking a nap! Our little familyCascade Springs, it was beautiful!Attention Pennsylvania-ians-take note: these are mountainsCason and Daddy playingCason taking his naps, which he was pretty good at. He stayed on schedule pretty good too, considering where we were.Eating was the hardest part of the weekendA sign that it's time to put the camera away-
Our very own tent! It's huge so we had lots of space. We're looking forward to filling that all up in the years to come.Can you imagine sleeping in this? Trav and I were so worried about him staying warm enough so we got him this. He was frustrated with it because it made it hard for him to roll over and curl up but he definitely stayed warm enough.Cason in a beanie, so adorable-Thanks to my parents we used this back carrier deal. It's a good 30 years old and it worked out great! Thanks Mom and Dad! Cason fell asleep and his head was all over the place because he really didn't have anywhere to put it-Luckily Travis' sister married a smart man because he came up with this for him, much more comfortable. Thanks again Kevin!Us by the waterfall, notice Cason's eyes peeking over.Cason and the waterfallCason was always turned some which way, generally the left, making it harder on Travis' back

So that was us camping, so much fun!


Missy and Andy said...

Looks like you had a great time! I want to take Kaitlyn camping sooo bad but I know she will not do well with sleeping. The only place she will sleep well is at home! I love all the pics! Cason is too cute! :)

The Littlefields said...

How fun! We're going camping next week.... where did you get that cute little suit for cason? I'm concerened about him being cold too.