Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Maestro Post

A couple weeks marked a year that we've had Maestro. When I look back at all the accidents, training, and his surgery, it definitely feels like a year. This was him last year. You have to check it out, especially the videos, they'll give you a good laugh. So that was him then and this is him now. A lot has changed other than his size. His nose is just about all black, his legs are long and far too skinny for his body, his hair is about four inches long in some places, but he's still his quarky self. He no longer fits under the couch or chair and he has long since stopped trying. Although every now and again we'll catch him taking a nap with just his head under it, he misses it. Anyway check it out-

I can't believe he was this little once-so cute!
Snuggling with Dad thenSnuggling with Dad nowHanging out on the couch then-Hanging out on the couch now-Playing with the blinds then-Playing with the blinds now-Playing with me then-and now-So big and so much fun! Love you Maestro-


A Note from Kaleo and Megan said...

Cute dog! I can't get over how cute Cason's little cheeks are! What a doll!

Missy and Andy said...

I forgot how little he was! So cute! I can't believe he is a year!

Nella said...

Travis looks delighted that your taking his picture in the 'Now' picture of him and Maestro. :) I can't believe it's been a year.

Nick and Jen said...

He was such a cute puppy! And now such a good looking dog! I REALLY like Maestro!