Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what a dish, what a doll

Can you believe my little guy is 8 months and needs a new car seat? He is over the limit for his little 22 lb. car seat, how crazy. I feel like I need an extra set of arms carrying Cason around because he is so heavy! I don't last too long anymore, he gets passed to Travis a lot. Anyway, to celebrate the big 8 months I thought I'd post some of Cason's most recent "firsts". Enjoy!

His first Ritz-We met up with Travis' family at a park, Cason's first time- and Cason loved it! He got lots of practice walking around-He loved these little holes, he kept putting his fingers in them and then looking up at me as if to say, 'uh-oh'. So cute.First slide ride with Daddy, there was a bit of whip lash involved for both parties :)First swinging-On our way to the car after the park he zonked out on my shoulder, I wanted to carry him home like that the whole way! So fun holding him.
First french fry-He LOVED it (boy after my own heart)!We went to a carnival in Eagle Mountian and he got to ride his first amusement park ride, The Carousel-This isn't the first time he's fallen asleep in Travis' arms but look how cute he is-and check out that belly pokin' out! So adorable.At 8 months Cason-
-still rolls around like crazy
-gets in the crawling position but then once he tries to moves he falls onto his belly
-is sitting on up on his own- It's a bit of a process but he gets there and some how knows he's doing something amazing. When he finally sits up he has a huge smile and a look in his eye that says: "ta-da!"
-babbles like he's really talkingto someone
-loves walks and
-all of Maestro's toys
Most recently this is his favorite thing to do in the car:
StartLifts up his arms and grabs the top of this and pulls it down-Sticks out his cute little face as if to say, 'peek-a-boo',Finish-so stinkin' adorable!
I am completely in love with him!


Missy and Andy said...

Happy 8 Months! He is such a cute little guy!

Nick and Jen said...

Can he be any cuter?? Such a fun age! I love when they fall asleep while you are holding them. Last night after dinner, Julie was so tired...didn't have her daily nap...she fell asleep in my arms. It was nice. I love when they sleep!

Tanelle Lindquist said...

That is amazing he is 8 months. I love the adorable. I can't wait to experience motherhood!

Holly or Joe said...

What a chubby chub chub!! Love it! He is so cute and such a happy little guy. I can't believe he's so big already. Eight months is one of my favorite ages. They start doing so many things. Have fun!!

Forrest and Rebecca said...

I love the last two car seat photos. So cute! I have the cutest nephew ever!