Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cason meets Santa

Cason got to meet Santa last weekend and had a hard time not staring at him. I was hoping he'd reach out for hid beard or glasses but I think he was a little too nervous to do that, so he just continued to stare and stare. But he did at least sit on his lap but was anxious to get off-

Only so he could eat a candy cane for the very first time, which he loved-
In other news this is what these two do together when Travis gets home. Which is fun for them but kinda makes me jealous because Cason would never do this with me-
I was surprised one afternoon when I had to go wake Cason up but even more surprised when I found him like this-I love that he's snuggling with his blanket but amazed that he can breath. Crazy kid.
Yesterday Cason must have been feeling musical because he kept finding his back to this little piano. He would squat down, play a couple of notes, stand up and clap, and then squat back down. He did this on and on through out the whole day. It was adroable and had me laughing every time I looked over at him squatting the way he does, so funny-

Next up, holiday decor! Get excited.


Merrill Clan said...

Cason is such a doll!!! We love having him come over and play.

TheTerry's said...

So cute! Isaac and Liam loved Santa although LIam was slightly unsure at first. He takes a lot of his cues from Isaac, so that helps. Liam sleeps like that often, in the corner of his crib, and I'm always glad to find him still breathing :) p.s I love his little pants in the sleeping picture...very cool. And yes, I'm excited for the decor post!